The Heroin, Meth, Opioid, Crack, Inhalent, and Alcohol Epidemic Rages on Salisbury and Rowan, Taking Lives. Where to Get Help

Posted on August 11, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ While alcoholism and major narcotics abuse afflicts many in Salisbury and Rowan County, the area has numerous treatment centers offering assistance for Alcoholism and heroin, meth, opioid, and crack, and Inhalent Addiction. Salisbury also has a roster of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and various faith-based sobriety groups operating in the city just about every night.

The challenges created in the wake of alcohol and hard drug addiction in Salisbury and Rowan County are many: broken families, early mortality and premature aging, overdose and death, lost jobs, and homelessness. Alcohol and hard drugs fuel an extremely high percentage of the violent and property crimes in the area.

Alcoholism and drug addiction affects all levels of society from professionals to the homeless. Alcohol and narcotics abuse is strongly tied to Salisbury’s high crime statistics. Many persons arrested for violent and property crime are found with heroin, meth, crack, OxyContin, drug paraphernalia and alcohol on their person.

Here is a current list of Salisbury’s drug and alcohol treatment centers. Assistance is around the corner and a phone call away:

• Veterans Affairs Medical Center Veterans Affairs Medical Center is an Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Program can be found at: 1601 Brenner Avenue, Salisbury, NC. 28144 (704) 638-9000(704) 638-9000×3189

• CHOICES Substance Abuse Services LLC CHOICES Substance Abuse Services LLC is a Drug Rehabilitation and Alcohol Treatment Center can be found at: 1121 Old Concord Road Salisbury, NC. 28146. (704) 637-7797.

• Rowan Regional Medical Center Rowan Regional Medical Center is an Alcohol Rehab and Drug Treatment Facility can be found at: 612 Mocksville Avenue, Salisbury, NC. 28144 (704) 210-5061.

• Treatment Centers LLC Treatment Centers LLC is an Alcohol and Drug Rehab can be found at: 448 Jake Alexander Boulevard West, Salisbury, NC. 28147 (704)645-8539.

• Alternatives Counseling is an alcohol and drug treatment program located at 323 N. Main Street, Salisbury, N.C. 28144 (704) 639-1616.

• Daymark Recovery Services Daymark Recovery Services is a Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Facility can be found at: 2129 Statesville Blvd., Salisbury, NC. 28147 (704) 633-3616.

• Carolina Counseling Services Carolina Counseling Services is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program can be found at: 417 North Main Street, Salisbury, NC. 28144 (704) 636-5522.

• AACD Counseling is an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program located at 309 N. Main Street (704) 630–0026.

• Family Therapy Institute Family Therapy Institute is an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facility that can be found at: 420 Statesville Boulevard, Salisbury, NC. 28144 (704) 639-9889.

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