Salisbury City Councilman Kenny Hardin and the Family of the Late Fred M. Evans Raise Money for the Fred M. Evans Swimming Pool

Posted on August 11, 2017

Press Release

♦ For the past few months, Salisbury City Councilman Kenny Hardin joined with the family of the late Fred M. Evans to raise money for the swimming pool named in his honor. Through his personal social media accounts, Councilman Hardin raised enough money to cover admission costs to the pool for all kids under 17 years old.

During a recent breakfast meeting with James Meachem, Chief Executive Officer of the Salisbury Rowan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Councilman Hardin shared his other goal of offering free swimming lessons to all kids who use the pool. In response, Mr. Meachem pledged a $1000 donation to kickstart the project.

Mr. Meachem stood by his word and attended the August 10th Parks & Rec Advisory Board meeting to officially deliver the generous donation. He presented the check to the Parks & Rec Director, Nick Aceves. The generous donation was made possible by the F&M Bank Trolley System.

After a brief introduction by Councilman Hardin, Mr. Meachem addressed the full board and said, “The Tourism Authority through the Trolley System is grateful to the community for its years of support and engagement. Due to the success of the Trolley System in Salisbury, the Tourism Authority over the years was able to support community groups and efforts including the United Way, Salisbury Civitan, the Tsunami Development Literacy Program, and in 2017 is honored to also support to the City of Salisbury’s Parks and Recreation Department’s youth programs for recreation and swimming.

Sports, recreation, and sports tourism have benefitted the local tourism economy and the Tourism Authority recognizes the importance of helping the community and its youth through recreation and sports. The Authority is grateful for the continued support the City’s Parks and Recreation Department provides in hosting and organizing youth recreation, sports and events in the community, such as the recent Little League World Series.

The donation to Parks and Recreation from the Trolley System will help provide expanded swimming and recreation opportunities for the youth in the community. The Tourism Authority will also work with City Parks and Recreation staff to identify and provide opportunities to use Trolleys, at no charge, to transport youth to City organized youth recreation events and activities. It is an honor to serve the community and provide support to the City, Parks and Recreation and the youth of the community.”

Thank you to Mr. Meachem, the F&M Trolley Association and the numerous citizens who generously gave to this fundraising effort.

Nick Aceves, Parks & Recreation Director (L), Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman (C), and James Meachem, Chief Executive Officer of the Salisbury Rowan Convention and Visitors Bureau (R):

Fred M. Evans Pool:

$1,000 Donation from Salisbury-Rowan Convention & Visitors Bureau:

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