Salisbury: MUGSHOT GALLERY of Alleged Go Burrito KO Kings! Brawlers Were Given Misdemeanor Affray or Fighting Charges

Posted on August 9, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ Three persons who allegedly brawled at the popular burrito bar and restaurant “Go Burrito” at 115 Fisher Street, turned themselves in Monday and were charged with affray or fighting (misdemeanor).

The three, who turned themselves in, are Danielle Papin Cole, 31, of Harbor Road in Norwood, John Robert Cole, 32, also of Harbor Road in Norwood, and Justin Dewitt Cole, 28, of Valley Drive in Albermarle. As of this writing a 4th alleged brawler Jake Riddle Molvey has not yet turned himself in.

Danielle Papin Cole:

John Robert Cole:

Justin Dewitt Cole:

The Go Burrito Brawl Video on RFP:

Perhaps Salisbury’s better known fight bars might send teams of combatants to compete in “Talk S**T–Get Hit” Tough Men and Women’s competition at the County Fair Grounds with the proceeds going to some worthy Cause? No guns, knives, or rocks.

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