All in a Day’s Work for Todd Paris from Sunup to Sundown Tuesday

Posted on August 2, 2017

Todd Paris, Salisbury Attorney and Candidate for Salisbury City Council

♦ Business kept me away from Salisbury City Council’s public comment tonight. I had important legal work in the office until 6:30 p.m.  I was told that stalwart citizen Carolyn Logan once again confronted Mayor Karen about some “unpleasant facts” and was gaveled to shut her up and called “out of order” by Mayor Alexander and Councilman Brian Miller, who has absolutely no authority to gavel anyone. The esteemed Editor of the Rowan Free Press tells me they will have the Logan video up today. I have sent Carolyn a link to the ACLU.  Coate’s Cannons and case law make it abundantly clear that absent profanity or threats that you can not suppress free speech during public comment. City Council Members are public servants, not public dictators. I feel frustrated that I was not there to be “tormented” personally for expressing my first amendment rights.

Some “unpleasant facts” from the Rowan Free Press about Alexander and Fibrant’s Customer Service Center:

Meanwhile, this weekend, “Music and the Mural” was preempted by “Murder at the Mural” and another man was murdered on Link Street the very next day. The good news is apparently witnesses have come forward or video from neighboring buildings allowed arrests to me made for the mural incident and two brave men are speaking out on Facebook to help solve the Link Street murder. Still, that’s a third murder in two days or so.

The bad news is that a semi-automatic (we hope) civilian copy of a Russian AK-47 allegedly used in the “Murders at the Mural” has not been recovered and may still be handed about by members of local social clubs. While not as powerful as most hunting rifles, this 7.62 X 39 mm carbine has much greater range and accuracy than handguns usually employed in urban street fights and is easily capable of piercing all but the strongest brick walls, car bodies and most body armor. I own one of these weapons for historical collecting purposes, target shooting and have included a stock photo. If citizens find this weapon abandoned or suddenly for sale at a gas station they should notify “Crimestoppers.” If someone asked you to hold on to this, it is a very “hot gun” and you do not want to be found “holding” it.  It is a murder weapon.

I attended a Rowan Republican Executive Committee meeting tonight as 38th Precinct Chair. I proudly represent this precinct which includes a section of downtown and eastwards including Park Avenue with its now infamous Cannon Park, which has become a place where you should not go without carrying your own firearm after several local robberies, both armed and unarmed. A good friend’s husband was attacked and robbed there recently.

At tonight’s Rowan GOP Executive Committee Meeting we had to deal with an issue. Andrew Brock resigned his NC Senate seat for a decent state job and local Attorney Bill Graham and now former County Commissioner Chad Mitchell placed their names in the pot to be elected. The usual initial ruling cabal shenanigans failed, after the intervention of the NC GOP, and proper rules and procedures were followed and all GOP Executive Party Members (elected GOP officials and precinct chairs and vice-chairs in the affected area) will be allowed to advance to Mocksville on August 15 at the courthouse to cast their votes on Brock’s replacement.

The only concern remaining on the matter, was party Chair Don Vick’s decision to prevent a Davie County GOP Candidate, Attorney Dan Barrett (who stood excluded in the hallway) from speaking to the group. In all fairness, there was a motion to allow Dan to speak, however a simple majority voted to exclude him. It appears that both Graham and Mitchell will appear on the ballot in Mocksville on the 15th along with Mr. Barrett and any candidates from other counties in Brock’s district. I have had a brief word with all three and have not made a decision myself, though the decision to exclude Mr. Barrett has left me with a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. Here’s a link to Dan Barrett and a highly recommended candy shop as well.

The local shrinking print media reported today that celebrated Salisbury City Clerk Myra Heard is retiring. Her frequent absences from Salisbury City Council Meetings have been noted. Like retiring police officers who are awarded their service firearm on their retirement some farewell gift should be given. Perhaps a $450 plastic floor mat she received from her husband’s “Indoff” sales account will suffice.

Noteworthy also is a city announcement that Salisbury Finance Guru John Sofley will be retiring as of December 29, 2017 after thirty storied years with the City of Salisbury. If only his ledgers and budgets could talk! Readers will best remember John Sofley from RFP’s Magic Math video of such great renoun.

Midnight approaches and my cat “Kittah” and I will now retire to the master bedroom at the “Paris Tower” and hopefully slumber. Both of us have become more accustomed to sleeping through the almost nightly gunfire. If you see something, tell someone. Stay safe, my friends.

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