Video: Salisbury City Councilman Kenny Hardin Responds to a Video by the Internet Best Selling Author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot”

Posted on August 1, 2017

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman and Mayoral Candidate

**Note: the Video posted below is the work of Colin Flaherty the internet best-selling author of the 2013 Knockout Game classic: “WHITE GIRL BLEED a LOT”.**

I’ve mentioned many times the crazy and oftentimes hate filled messages I receive daily. Well, I received this ridiculous video this morning via email. I don’t know this gentleman and it’s clear by the erroneous and off base characterization, Flaherty doesn’t know me at all. Why did he keep referring to our City as Salisbury, Maryland? Yes, with the level and frequency of crimes, we do need outside expert help.

He followed the same hate inspired playbook with his racially inflammatory and racially divisive rhetoric. Why was he trying so hard to create so much racial animosity and painting me as this angry radical instigator? I found the whole thing laughable because he clearly has no idea the work I’ve put into trying to reduce racial animus and mediate potentially explosive issues in this City. Crime has no color. There is no such thing as Black crime, Sir. Whew, it’s a good thing there are no White people here in Salisbury committing any crimes. I have never blamed White people for any shootings involving Black people here. Our Mayor has. I’ve even called for the Black community to step up and own the problem and create solutions. I’ve been criticized by some misguided Blacks for that and even been called a “sellout Nigger” for my call for accountability. But see, that wouldn’t play well in his race baiting hate video.

I’ve never attended a Black Lives Matter march. But I do support the movement just as I have fought for White, Asian, Hispanic/Latino and Poor Lives Matter issues.

Whoever fed this guy all the misinformation to make this hilarious and pointless video, I say thank you. It lets me know people are paying attention to my efforts. I’m not going to stop speaking out or fighting the crime that plagues our City regardless if more idiots want to make more videos highlighting me. All I ask this guy or whomever is stalking my Facebook pages and taking things from my social media pages is to do better research. If you’re going to try to slam me, get the information correct.

Happy viewing.

Video by Colin Flaherty about Salisbury City Councilman Kenny Hardin:

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