Salisbury: Sunday’s Shooting at Carpenters Circle and the Lack of Charges and Arrests. Are We Altering FBI Stats with Community Relations?

Posted on June 27, 2017

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ On June 25, 2017 the RFP reported that an apparent gunfight occurred in Carpenters Circle, a local Habitat for Humanity Community off of Celebration Drive. The photographs posted showed a nice neat neighborhood of vinyl-clad single family residences. RFP reported that a dispute between two neighbors over loud music being played in the wee hours on Sunday morning that ended in gun-fire. A man was shot in the thigh and transported to two hospitals, firearms were confiscated from both persons, and someone was taken into custody after briefly fleeing into the nearby woods.

It seems no one was charged so far in the case. Nobody was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and was being held in the Rowan County Detention Center. Salisbury Police Captain Shelia Lingle stated a day later in the city’s print media as saying. “…police officers returned to the scene later Sunday to speak with neighbors about community relations, including the police presence in the area. She said sending officers to speak about community relations after a shooting will be common in the future.” No public reports anywhere indicate that anyone was charged. Somewhere the doves are singing, the whip-or-will beats it feathery chest, and lambs lie down with the lions in the peaceable kingdom.

The houses in the Carpenters Circle neighborhood flashed me back to the site home at 200 Harrel Street that got shot-up and seven year old A’Yanna Allen was murdered last December. Pistol rounds cut through the vinyl siding there, plywood, and foam insulation of a very similar house. That murder remains unsolved and there are sizeable rewards posted on billboards in Salisbury.

We may never know the actual facts of this past Sunday’s shooting and perhaps someone was just exercising their legal right to self-defense. However folks need to remember that this type of construction offers little more protection than a tent to modern center-fire bullets and need to govern themselves accordingly. I have reprinted two photos from Ms. Robinson’s house to remind folks how dangerous it is to discharge firearms in closely built subdivisions made of vinyl clad homes. Many bullets appeared to enter the front of Harrel Street house and travel through the room and exit the side wall. This horrific tragedy still saddens many.

Information has come to RFP indicating that Salisbury Police Department may be under extreme pressure from city staff and several incumbents on city council to reduce the number and severity of FBI uniform crime report statistics. We wonder about the strong possibility that instead of arrests, if “community relations interviews” are the shape of things to come, at least until after the November city council elections. Maybe neighbors can be persuaded to sit, talk, and resolve differences as well as savor ice cream from the Police Ice Cream Truck manned by Community Relations Interviewers?

Just don’t get in the middle of a firefight.

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