Fredrick Chad Talbert, a Felon Twice Convicted of Impersonating a Peace Officer, Busted Sunday in Rowan for Allegedly Impersonating a Peace Officer

Posted on June 12, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ We don’t know if any records are about to be broken in the ANNALS OF OFFBEAT CRIME, a repository for white cannibals, pyromaniacs, persons obsessed with impersonating law enforcement officers, and others not fitting criminal norms.  When we learn of someone having two or more convictions for impersonating a law enforcement officer it makes us take notice.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources reported Fredrick Chad Talbert, 45, of Mocksville, N.C., was arrested Sunday in Rowan County on the charge of impersonation law-enforcement/other public officer. Under a secured $3,000 bond, Talbert was placed in the Rowan County Detention Center.

Fredrick Chad Talbert:

Talbert has 2 prior convictions for impersonating a peace officer in Davie County in 1991 and in 1999.

Fredrick Chad Talbert’s Previous Record:

The North Carolina Statute GS § 14-277. Impersonation of a law-enforcement or other public officer:

Here’s a rough sketch of what many law enforcement imposters do (although lacking in citations):

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