Salisbury: Katelyn Hull Arrested Sunday Behind Kohl’s on Klumac Rd. Allegedly for Inhaling Intoxicating Fumes and Animal Cruelty // Inhalant Abuse 101

Posted on May 30, 2017

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♦ In Salisbury and Rowan County’s drug and alcohol abuse epidemic, inhalant intoxication is gaining some ground on heroin, meth, crack, OxyContin, and alcohol.  Inhalants are cheap, easy to shoplift, and can provide an incredible high if somebody doesn’t mind suffering long-term neurological and cognitive impairment as well as irreparable organ damage.  Some inhalants are every bit as toxic as meth if not more so.  People die from inhalant abuse.  There are plenty of teenage lost souls who spend the weekend huffing glue, paint thinner, and computer keyboard duster to remain in a blissful and incoherent stupor. If they do it regularly they will suffer long term consequences.

According to Salisbury Police sources Katelyn Shianne Hull, 19, living at 1219 Tammy’s Park Road in Salisbury, was arrested Sunday in Kohl’s rear parking lot at 1395 Klumac Road for allegedly inhaling intoxicating fumes and cruelty to animals.  Hull was allegedly found unconscious in the driver’s cabin of a U-Haul truck along with 6 almost empty cans of computer keyboard duster air spray.  When officers assisted her out of the truck she allegedly urinated on herself before she was handcuffed and taken into custody.  In searching the U-Haul truck, officers found a distressed parrot owing to the heat buildup in the truck’s storage area.  The bird plucked out much of its feathers.  Rowan County Animal Services was called in and removed the parrot.

Katelyn Shianne Hull:

Hull was charged with inhaling fumes for the purpose of causing intoxication (misdemeanor) and cruelty to animals (misdemeanor). Under a secured $2,000 bond, Hull was placed in the Rowan County Detention Center. Hull’s first court appearance is scheduled for June 15th.

Katelyn Shianne Hull’s Previous Record:;jsessionid=F87F2C1F822332DBEA9487B86D919876.WV6JFHAP55T_512?method=list

Location Kohl’s, 1395 Klumac Road, Salisbury, N.C.:



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