Salisbury: TERROR ON THE SQUARE! “Timeless Wigs and Magnificent Things” Leaves a Major Vacant Storefront on the Square for Better Traffic Elsewhere

Posted on May 23, 2017

RFP Staff/Stephen Eliot Arthur, photographer, Todd Paris, photographer and our friends with smartphones

♦ Downtown Salisbury struggles with ever increasing vacant storefronts as North and South Main continues to suffer from shrinking pedestrian and vehicular traffic due to Salisbury’s monumental crime, high overhead, poor parking, the internet’s stranglehold on retail, the crushing competition from nearby Concord and Kannapolis, the city’s runaway vandalism, and Downtown’s lack of draws save for bars and eateries. In the near future we hope do a photo safari Downtown for an artful display of the area’s many vacant storefronts.  Kind of like Detroit’s fabulous ruins porn photographs.


The Late Duck Blind Gallery:

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