Dump Your Salisbury Real Estate Broker and Go FOR SALE BY OWNER! Unload Your Home, Save Bucks, and Chill in a Safer Locale Elsewhere with a Future

Posted on May 6, 2017

Salisbury Expatriates United

♦ Perhaps you’ve tired of Salisbury N.C.’s unchecked violence and property crime, you want to send your kiddos to better than D public schools, and you don’t want to commute an hour or so a day to a decent paying job in another county.  You want a real police department, real trash pickup, and your streets not to be cratered with potholes.  You are tired of strangers grabbing at your purse, dodging junkie panhandlers in the grocery store parking lots, and heaven forbid if you complain about what’s going on, you don’t want your property to get a vendetta code violation from city hall.  The freaking taxes are getting higher by the year and you have nothing to show for it.  Your water bill is heavily impacted by the Fibrant debacle. (Your are paying for a service you don’t even have or want!)  You’re sick of Salisbury and you want out, but your real estate broker is no help and if he or she ever gets around to selling your home at a loss, they will still take their cut.  No thanks.

Many Salisbury expatriates, who fled the Bury over the last 8 years, will tell you they only succeeded in dumping their houses when they switched to For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Here is a valuable list of informative articles on how to sell your home FSBO style.  We’ll also show you how to hire a real estate attorney that you’ll require for the process and find free legal forms.   This article’s informative articles list will be a work in progress.  Today is just the start of a new beginning for you and your loved ones!




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