Midland on the Move! Congratulations to Midland Town Manager Doug Paris: Corning Brings 200 Jobs to Midland Paying $58K a Year Average Wage!

Posted on April 29, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ Midland (Cabarrus County) on the move! Congratulations to Midland Town Manager Doug Paris. For Rowan residents, this is what economic development looks like: $58K a year average wage for 200 jobs they are hiring for the new 109M expansion at Corning. Word has it there are brand new houses just up the street from the plant selling for around $160k. Don’t worry Rowan citizens, Chairman Greg Edd’s “Clown signs” on I-85 will soon solve our economic development woes as interstate drivers gawk and proclaim, in his words, “Holy Cow, who are these people!”

Meanwhile Rowan County Residents Come on Down to Midland and Get Some Great Paying Jobs!

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