Curtis “Bubba” Dalton, Jr. Arrested Wednesday by Iredell Sheriff’s Deputies for Alleged Felonies Occurring in Rowan County, Iredell County, and Virginia

Posted on April 28, 2017

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♦  According to sources  (press releases) in the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, Curtis Luther “Bubba” Dalton, Jr. 28, living at 4075 Third Creek Church Road in Cleveland, Rowan County, was arrested by Iredell Sheriff’s Office Deputies near Statesville after an alleged lengthy pursuit and charged with 2 counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied property (felony), 2 counts of possession of a firearm by a felon (felony), 6 counts of assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer (felony), speeding to elude arrest (felony), larceny of a motor vehicle (felony),  and careless and reckless driving (misdemeanor).  These charges allegedly occurred in several jurisdictions: Cleveland in Rowan County, N.C., Iredell County, and Virginia.

Curtis Luther “Bubba” Dalton, Jr.:

On Wednesday April 26th Rowan County’s 911 dispatch received a call at 8:20 a.m. about an alleged home invasion taking place 2335 Phifer Road in Cleveland from Harley Joe Dalton who resides at that address.  Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies quickly arrived at the address and soon determined that no home invasion took place, but that Harely Dalton’s cousin Curtis “Bubba” Dalton, Jr. allegedly pointed a rifle at Harley.  Harley told deputies that cousin Curtis texted him the previous night that he was going to harm himself.  Harley found his cousin on Hobson Road and drove him back to the Phifer Road home where Curtis’s girlfriend was waiting.  Curtis argued with his girlfriend and left.

Location 2335 Phifer Road, Cleveland, N.C.:

At 10 p.m. Curtis returned to the Phifer Road home and was angered that Harley removed his firearms and took them to another location so Curtis could not gain access to them.  That didn’t last long–Curtis found his weapons and returned with them to his cousin’s home Phifer Road.  Curtis threatened to shoot Harley in the kneecaps, but instead fired a shot that struck the passenger side window in Harley’s vehicle.  Curtis allegedly fired 3 more shots into the window.

According to reports Curtis returned Wednesday morning to Harley’s Phifer Road home and initially acted as if nothing happened between them the previous night.  Before long the two began to argue.  Harley said Curtis retrieved a rifle (possibly a .22-caliber firearm) from his car and pointed at him while drawing his thumb across his neck.  When Curtis left in his black Nissan, Harley immediately called 911 dispatch.

Rowan County Sheriff’s office investigators determined that Curtis not only had a felony record at the NC DOJ, but had an arrest record in Virginia where he was still sought for felony charges.

Rowan County Sheriff’s Office investigators obtained warrants from the Rowan County Magistrate’s office for the arrest of Curtis Luther Dalton, Jr. before learning the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office were pursuing Curtis in Iredell County around noon Wednesday.

According to press releases from Iredell County Dalton allegedly refused to stop for Iredell County Sheriff’s deputies on the Turnersburg Hwy and intentionally slammed into two Sheriff’s Office vehicles.

Dalton ended the pursuit when he wrecked his black Nissan, by flipping it over in a creek on West Debbie Drive near U.S. Hwy 21 outside of Statesville.  Allegedly Curtis fled on foot from the crash, leaving his girlfriend behind trapped in the vehicle.  Deputies, employing a K9 Unit, tracked the felon.  Eventually he stole a white Chevvy van which crashed on Cooper Farm Road and was soon arrested near the mile marker on Interstate 77 South.

The girlfriend, left trapped in the vehicle in the first crash, was treated and released from Davis Regional Medical Center.  She was not charged.

Curtis Luther “Bubba” Dalton, Jr.’s Previous N.C. Records:

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