Salisbury: Keiyenne Hijin, Totally Dedicated to Working Out at Planet Fitness, Turns Himself in Wednesday for Allegedly Leaving His Kid Alone in a Car Seat

Posted on April 27, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ In Salisbury, a city writhing with miscreant hoards and well known as a criminal vortex for out-of-state of criminals on the run, it is no wonder that occasionally odd-ball crimes drop into our laps.  Can’t say we’ve ever heard of a man or woman who allegedly 3 times in a short span left their youngster unattended in a vehicle, strapped in a car seat to go work out in a gym or take their SUV in for service.

The RFP team did a search of offbeat religious sects that might practice leaving very young children unattended in vehicles to honor the human vessel before the Almighty with high-intensity budget workouts.  We struck out.  Mr. Hijin may at some future date appear as a stand alone record in the Guinness Book of Records.

According to sources in the Salisbury Police Department Keiyenne Mynx Hijin AKA Geoffrey Kevin Roberson, 30, a felon dwelling at 1229 N. Church Street, turned himself in at Salisbury Police HQ just prior to midnight to face the charge of child abuse (misdemeanor) for allegedly leaving a 20 month old child alone inside a car, strapped inside a car seat, while he worked out in Planet Fitness. Allegedly the keys were left in the ignition for about an hour during Hijin’s workout. After being processed at Police HQ, Hijin was delivered to the magistrate’s office and was given a secured $1,500 bond and placed for a short time in the Rowan County Detention Center before he bonded out. 

The Rowan County Department of Social Services was alerted about the child and issued a warrant for child abuse (misdemeanor).

We are unaware if Mr. Hijin appeared at Planet Fitness today with his youngster strapped unattended in his car seat. 

As most grounded and responsible parents realize, leaving young children alone in vehicles is a dangerous practice where the youngster can expire from the heat build up inside the car or can become a kidnap victim. It’s a very basic parental rule.

Keiyenne Mynx Hijin:

Currently Mr. Hijin was charged on 3 separate incidents leaving his youngster unattended in a vehicle. Twice in the parking lot by Planet Fitness and once at Cloninger Ford dealership where someone allegedly spotted the child strapped in a car seat beside a potty full of feces.

Planet Fitness, 710B W. Jake Alexander Boulevard, Salisbury, N.C.:

Keiyenne Mynx Hijin AKA Geoffrey Kevin Roberson’s Previous Record:

Geoffrey Roberson’s record was temporarily removed from N.C. DOJ site perhaps to be transferred to his new name.

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