Salisbury: City Hall Says Nun’Ya Business about City Hall’s Secret Meetings and Negotiations Concerning Possible Fibrant Vendors

Posted on April 21, 2017

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ The City of Salisbury’s Government put up a makeshift Facebook page where you can rate the city and comment. You can be sure that the city’s remaining true believers and real estate and banking minions will be putting 5 star ratings up for our broke and dangerous city. They will support the flotsam on city council – Karen Alexander, Maggie Blackwell, and Brian Miller. Go vote your rating.

In other news, a letter from a Chapel Hill law firm to the city’s print media today makes it quite clear that staff and city council are not going to let the public know anything at all about the secret meetings and negotiations with possible vendors and the group of local business persons selected to advise city council about Fibrant. It’s pretty clear from the law firm’s letter that the public will be kept in the dark until after the city has irrevocably bound us and our tax dollars by contract. If this is how they are going about it, the deal better be amazing or there will be election “hell to pay” come November.

My prediction is that Fibrant will not be sold and the financial “arterial bleeding” will continue. There will be no money to fix the Salisbury Police Department or implement any of the promises they made to the community made at the city sponsored community action meetings. I think it’s going to be, once gain “all talk” and “just another day” in the “City of Smoke and Mirrors.”

It’s going to be a long, hot summer with gunfire and sirens going all hours of the day and night. Hope none of our trash trucks or police vehicles hit any of those potholes.

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