Nathan Currie, Superintendent of the North Carolina Connections Academy, Answers Important Questions about Virtual Schools in Rowan County

Posted on April 17, 2017

RFP Staff/ Nathan Currie,  Superintendent North Carolina Connections Academy

♦ At the April 10, 2017 Rowan Salisbury Board of Education meeting, the board heard a vague discussion regarding using Rowan County tax money to open a virtual academy to home school students and private school students. This area is certainly one in which the school board would be opening itself to many legal challenges and perhaps discriminatory practices.  Board members posed many questions regarding the difference in state’s approved virtual academy and RSS virtual proposal? Can kids take extra-curricular classes? Can they “drop out” of a traditional school? With so many questions, the RFP decided to reach out to Nathan Currie the Superintendent of North Carolina’s Virtual School—North Carolina Connections Academy to answer a few questions.

What is the cost to families to attend North Carolina Connections Academy?

North Carolina Connections Academy (NCCA) is FREE to ALL students. NCCA does not target certain types of students or families; we talk with all students and provide families with options regarding their choice for schooling.

How is instruction delivered?

Our school is not a website of learning; Moreover, it is centered by the most advanced and leading edge Learning Management System in the industry of virtual learning (Pearson Education). We also partner with many other vendors to customize and supplement the learning experience for each student. I’ve seen many schools buy a program and a virtual teacher is there, however, our school provides North Carolina Certified Teachers that live here and have teaching experience in North Carolina in both traditional and virtual school settings.

In addition, we employ certified Administrators, Gifted & Exceptional Children teachers, Social Workers, and Counselors

What classes are offered?

We offer all core classes, Advance Placement, Career Technical Education, Foreign Languages, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Physical Education, Psychology, Business, Education Technology and many more.

Can kids in Rowan be part of your school and take extra-curricular activities?

We do approve of kids taking part in extra-curricular activities. However, the school district has the final say. The North Carolina High School Athletic Association governs at this point athletics, and we are working on some current initiatives.

Do you have plans to further discuss options to Rowan County Families?

Currently there are 175 students enrolled in Rowan County in NCCA, and we have seen a great spike for next year. We will be there to host a session in Rowan very soon. We were very appreciative to work with the Tsunami Development Literacy Program and Gemstones and Compass. We will also talk with parents on how FREE computers are available now through a great partnership in North Carolina.

How do parents get more information?

Parents, students, and perspective employees can visit:

(919) 224-4040

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