Salisbury: Arson Wednesday Morning at Vacant House on Stokes Ferry Road

Posted on April 13, 2017

RFP Staff

♦  Sources in the Salisbury Police report that a vacant house on 1512 Stokes Ferry Road was the victim of an arson other residential.  The house belonged to Constantine Kalogeromitris, 63, of Trapper’s Ridge Drive in Rockwell.  According to reports the fire was intentionally set with an unknown tool.  The fire raged through the house valued at $50,000.  No one was injured. The house recently was purchased and boarded up. The Salisbury Fire Department was on the scene at around 1:29 a.m. after the fire was spotted by the Salisbury Police cruising through the area. They were later supported by Granite Quarry, E. Spencer, Locke, Faith Fire Departments. Also answering the call were Rowan EMS and Rowan County Rescue Squad.

Persons in the area say vagrants were seen near the structure which is not far from the old Pancho Villas Restaurant.

The fire at 1512 Stokes Ferry Road:

Location 1512 Stokes Ferry Road, Salisbury, N.C.:

Arson–Pyromania–Serial Fire Starters:

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