Salisbury: Mayor Karen Alexander’s Complete Salisbury Police Accident Report. Sustaining a Concussion and Bruises, Karen will Leave the Hospital Soon

Posted on April 8, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ The awful rumors circulating through Downtown Salisbury Friday morning that our beloved Mayor Alexander had her skull crushed or that she is speaking word salad out of a tracheotomy tube are completely unfounded and are suitable only for city hall’s “award winning” rumor control page. No proof of texting or drugs were found at the accident scene. Our beloved Mayor allegedly suffered only a concussion and bruises. She will soon be reappearing at City Council Meetings where she can again create new rules in the moment for public commentary.

Here is the Salisbury Police Accident Report for Mayor Alexander’s challenge with the stoplights at South Fulton and West Monroe Streets (Click on Document to Enlarge):

The RFP’s previous article on the Mayor’s traffic accident:

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