Car Shot Up by Crescent Golf and County Club. Salisbury Couple Arrested after a High-Speed Chase Across Salisbury into Davie County

Posted on March 24, 2017

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♦ According Rowan County Sheriff’s Office and Mocksville Police sources Teresa Christina White, 39, from Sells Road in Salisbury and Steven Michael Jones, Sr. a convicted felon from N. Long Street in Salisbury, were arrested by Mocksville Police Officers Wednesday night after the pair allegedly shot up a car occupied by Keith Tyrone Reid, 48, from Brenner Avenue in Salisbury.  The arrest occurred after a high-speed chase by off duty Rowan County Sheriff’s Office deputies across Salisbury to the Davie County line where officers from the Mocksville Police arrested the pair.

Teresa Christina White:

Charges Teresa Christina White:

Steven Michael Jones:

The shooting took place after 11 p.m. by the Crescent Golf and Country Club at the intersection of Hogan’s Valley Way and W. Innes Street (U.S. Hwy 601) in Salisbury:

Location Hogan’s Valley Way and W. Innes Street (U.S. Hwy 601) in Salisbury:

The victim Keith Tyrone Reid just got off at the Brian Center, an eldercare home on Statesville Avenue, just after 11 p.m. when he noticed a car following him. The car, it was later learned, contained Teresa Christina White, an ex-girlfriend of Reid’s and Steven Michael Jones, Sr. When Reid turned into W. Innes Street near Walgreens he noted the car remained on his tail. Moments later Reid reported that someone in the car began shooting at him. At the same time, off duty Rowan County Sheriff’s deputies heard 3 to 4 gun shots coming from the vicinity of Statesville Boulevard and W. Innes Street.

Reid, sensing danger, veered from his usual route home and turned onto Fairson Avenue, then to W. Innes Street and onto Mahaley Avenue. He pulled into Food Lion Parking lot where he noticed the car dogging him drove past. But not for long. When Reid left the lot and headed toward West Innes Street he saw the pursuing car coming on again and drove toward Catawba College. The car following him persisted. When Reid drove by the Crescent Golf and Country Club at the intersection of Hogan’s Valley Way and W. Innes Street, he heard shots being fired. His car was hit and the wind was whistling through a bullet hole in his windshield. Feeling a grip of adrenalin coursing his body, he punched out 911 dispatch on his cell phone. The pursuing car either pulled up beside him or tried to pass him. He aimed his car toward Davie County–the minutes flicked by. Deputies and the Mocksville Police were waiting for the two cars.

The Sheriff’s Office and police vehicles chased down the car containing White and Jones. White leaped from the car that came to stop and tried her luck at fleeing to a wooded area. She was captured a short time later, handcuffed, and taken into custody by the Mocksville Police.

White was charged with firing into an occupied vehicle (felony), resist/obstruct/delay an officer (misdemeanor), and possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor). Under a secured $510,000 bond, she is being held in the Davie County Detention Center on S. Main Street in Mocksville. Since that time she was transferred to the Rowan County Detention Center where she was also charged with attempted murder (non specified) (felony) and her bond was raised to $600,000.

Jones was charged with shooting into an occupied vehicle (felony), possession of cocaine (felony), possession of a firearm by a felon (felony), fleeing to elude arrest (misdemeanor), speeding (misdemeanor), reckless driving (misdemeanor), and unsafe passing on a yellow line (misdemeanor). Under a secured $525,000 bond, Jones was placed in the Davie County Detention Center on S. Main in Mocksville.

According to law enforcement sources White and Reid once dated, but Reid was unaware of the motive for the pursuit or why he was targeted for a shooting. Reid was not injured although his car sustained damage. A single bullet traveled through the back window and exited the front window. A second bullet was found lodged in the rear bumper.

Law enforcement collected evidence from the scene including a pair of gloves, a .357-caliber handgun, a 9mm handgun, and a cellphone.

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