The Rabbi Speaketh: THE MYTH OF FULTON HEIGHTS SAFETY. Fulton Heights Ranks Just Behind Salisbury’s West End for VIOLENCE!

Posted on March 22, 2017

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C

♦ I was down in the area of yesterday’s shooting of the Salisbury High student in Fulton Heights.  Maybe within a block or so from the Mean Mug when I heard a shot.  I kept driving because I had a painting appointment.  I thought to myself: “Geez, in broad daylight.”  Later I heard some business or real estate owner during city council’s public commentary saying how safe the Fulton Heights area is and that they had no major crime in 17 years.  Someone must be snorting glue and blowing out both their ears.  I’ve got no time for people who try to wallpaper over what’s real.  Gentrified Fulton Heights is incredibly dangerous and only a few strides behind the West End where people can’t sit out on the porches for fear of getting lead poisoning.  Thank the Almighty that Carolyn Logan and Kenny Hardin speak up for the people of the West End.

Let me disabuse this nonsense that Fulton Heights is remotely safe.  Do people forget all the kids who get shellacked going and coming from Salisbury High and have their lunch money and Apple computers ripped off?  The weekly street beatings and stick ups on South Fulton Street and Lincolnton Road for starters?  The shootings?  The unsolved killing of Steven Omario Rosario on South Fulton Street?  The shooting up of the Vue Laundry on South Fulton?  The breaking and entries galore and home invasions? Panhandlers battering seniors for their money in Fulton Heights? Even an unchained Pit Bull mistook Commissioner Judy Klusman for a lamb chop? Truth is there are no safe places anywhere in Salisbury, but Fulton Heights is among the worst.

A Taste of Fulton Heights Violence:

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