Salisbury City Councilman Kenny Hardin Weighs in on Commissioner Craig Pierce’s Call for Fiscal Responsibility with Taxpayer Money

Posted on March 21, 2017

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

♦ Contrary to the narrative being pushed, I don’t view Commissioner Pierce’s position as being anti-teacher, trying to dictate control in the classroom or trying to take any authority away from teachers.

Although I support Commissioner Pierce, I’m not writing this in his defense either. He is a grown man capable of independent thought and action so he doesn’t need my words to validate him. I simply understand his position and his intentions and found nothing wrong or suspect in either.

As an elected official he is entrusted to ensure fiscal responsibility with taxpayer money. What was wrong with asking for detailed information on a large $16 million expenditure? I saw nothing wrong with asking for correlation information to show a return on investment. It’s no secret our school system has consistently performed poorly for years, so was it unacceptable to ask for increased accountability?

People have a misguided notion that because you’re an elected official you’re supposed to accept threats, verbal abuse, and hate inspired language without response.  I refuse to do so.  At least Commissioner Pierce has the backbone and courage to call people out and challenge them publicly instead of through social media or other cowardly backdoor means. I have more respect for him that he is willing to stand up for something instead of talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Commissioner Pierce has been generous and supportive to a Literacy program I helped co-found. Unlike another Commissioner who verbally praised our effort and attended our functions without paying, then secretly bashed our program and tried to steer funds away from it. I had choice words for this Commissioner and lost all respect for this act of cowardice. This is not what I’ve experienced with Commissioner Pierce.

People who threaten to not vote for a person out of anger don’t realize this has no impact on someone who is not in office for personal or selfish reasons. So that empty threat has no teeth. I appreciate the fact that Commissioner Pierce is willing to put people before politics. I just wish those who are so outraged and upset about him living up to his sworn oath would’ve shown this much indignation at recent lynching comments instead of giving a pass.

I find it interesting that a lot of folk will quickly condemn the man, but have no trouble with him when they need a donation. Politics is dirty I guess or maybe the people make it unkempt.

Craig Pierce Stood Up for Our Taxpayers on Monday Night Against a No Bid Apple Deal by the Bottom Rung Rowan-Salisbury Schools:

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