Church Packed Beyond Capacity and Parking Lots Overflowing Today for WILLIAM PEOPLES Funeral in Salisbury

Posted on March 19, 2017

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ Mr. William Peoples, a pillar of the Salisbury community, was laid to rest today after funeral services at First Calvary Baptist Church in Salisbury. He was former President of the local NAACP Chapter, a Chairman of the Rowan DSS Board, and past candidate for Salisbury City Council. William was truly beloved by our community.

The church was packed beyond capacity and it took nearly an hour for hundreds of friends and admirers to file by and express condolences to his family. The parking lot at the church overflowed with vehicles into nearby grass lots as hundreds arrived to pay their last respects. Many people desired to express their condolences and leave as the church was well beyond standing room only.

William Peoples was well known for standing up to city government in his strong yet gentle way remind them of their obligations to feed everyone from the same spoon.  We all will miss his warm smile, his deep booming laugh, and his staunch and incorruptible nature to fight injustice wherever he found it.

Here’s to hoping someone may be inspired to lift the torch and continue Mr. People’s efforts. Those will be some big shoes to fill.

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