2 Letters-to-the-Editor: MYSTERIOUS HOMICIDE on Union Heights Blvd. in Salisbury // We Need a Wall Up in E. Spencer to Keep Salisbury Out!

Posted on February 28, 2017

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C.

♦ It certainly does seem like all hell has broken loose in Salisbury.  Nobody I know wants to step foot in the place for fear of being stabbed, shot, or clubbed to death.

Everyone recognizes the City alters their crime reports and stats to trick people into coming there, but that isn’t working too well.  The people who come down to city council like Carolyn Logan and the others are telling it like it is.

I go down to Salisbury to paint, but only during the daylight hours and as you know I have a concealed carry.

I go to the Salisbury Police website and check out the crimes posted in the bulletin and the events.  You can access it from the RFP front page.

The other week I took notice of a homicide occurring back on January 7th, but not reported in the events section until February 13, 2017.  Eugene Jones, 19, of Southwood Drive in Fayette, N.C. is listed as a victim of a “manslaughter–involuntary”.  According to the report he suffered “other major injuries”.  The homicide occurred at 535 Union Heights Blvd.

The report called for further investigation.

The other day I went back to find the report and saw that it disappeared.  Are Salisbury Police hierarchy trying to hide their violent crimes and murders again?  The hiding stuff doesn’t work–it draws triple the attention.  Just sayin’.

**Editors note: Rabbi we saw the same report during the second week in February and wondered about it because it lacked important details in the event report.  Now there is no trace of it.  Some young man from Fayetteville died from a manslaughter–involuntary.  Also at the same address 535 Union Heights Boulevard back in November 25th Ms. Kaniya Eboni Bernard, 28, was a victim of “miscellaneous all other” (whatever that means).  According to  the event report she suffered “other major injuries”.  What happened to her?  The event report again showed up on February 13th.  We also noticed the report for both persons disappeared from the system. If anyone knows about these crimes please contact the RFP.**

People do not become safe by covering over shootings and homicides or by closing down public comment at city council.  The cats way out of the bag.  Salisbury is an incredibly unsafe place to live or work.  All areas of the city are seeing an unchecked rise in violent crime.

By making believe that all is well in Salisbury, that Fibrant turned the corner when it is an an abject debacle, that the police have enough personnel, keeping silent about violent crime and altering crime stats is not purely for economic development, such approaches are the traditional way corrupt and ineffective governments and their cronies maintain their stranglehold on power.

535 Union Heights Boulevard, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location 535 Union Heights Boulevard, Salisbury, N.C.


Rhonda “Big Mama” Michelle, East Spencer, N.C.

♦ We need a wall up between Salisbury and East Spencer with a gate that you must scan the barcode on your license to get through.  If you aren’t a resident you can’t enter after 6 p.m. or before 6 a.m.   I know it sounds crazy, but if Donald Trump can do it…

(Big Mamma was funnin’)

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