Salisbury: Jamar Rahmel Robinson, Statesville Felon, Arrested Monday for Allegedly Murdering Albert Brice Shelton, Jr., on December 17th 2016

Posted on February 7, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ According to Salisbury Police sources Jamar Rahmel Robinson, 28, a Statesville Felon, was arrested Monday at his Statesville home by Salisbury Police investigators for allegedly murdering Albert Brice Shelton, Jr., 37, at his home on 729 Victory Street in Salisbury on Saturday morning December 17th.

On Monday Robinson was transported back to Salisbury where he was charged with murder (first degree) (felony) and weapons possession of firearms etc. prohibited (felony). He is under no bond. His first court appearance will be on February 9th.

Jamar Rahmel Robinson:

Jamar Rahmel Robinson’s Previous Record:

From the December 17th Article on the RFP: “UPDATED! Salisbury: Albert Brice Shelton, Jr. Shot-to-Death on Victory Street Early Saturday Morning”

“According to Salisbury Police sources Albert Brice Shelton, Jr., 37, of the streets of Salisbury, was shot to death in a parking area by 729 Victory Street.  The shooting was reported to 911 dispatch at 2:12 a.m. originally as a cardiac arrest. The area rapidly filled up with Salisbury Police, Rowan County EMS, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, and Salisbury Fire Department vehicles. Shelton was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound.

Investigators knocked on doors looking for witnesses.  Neighbors reported hearing a shot. A handgun was said to be used in the killing.

Police are vigilantly investigating the crime scene. Sources tell us that they are actively looking for a suspect.

Today’s murder is the 3rd in December in Salisbury. At this time there are 16 unsolved murders.

The Late Albert Brice Shelton, Jr.:

729 Victory Street, Salisbury, N.C.

Location 729 Victory Street, Salisbury, N.C.


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