Letter-to-the-Editor: “Bad News” Salisbury can Kiss Economic Development Goodbye

Posted on February 4, 2017

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C.

“So, if you care more about Facebook posts than you do about the 12 murders we had last year, the 17 unsolved murders, no police officers, the financial condition of our City, continual gun violence, big time drug distribution, gang activity, heroin and meth distribution, home invasions, armed robberies at businesses, no opportunities for youth, no viable industry, no jobs, low school scores, homeless camps setting up here, abandoned houses, a downturn in tourism and people fleeing the City to live in neighboring cities, then God Bless you. Otherwise, I’m bored with you.” Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

Kenny Hardin said it all in that paragraph about what ails “Bad News” Salisbury.  There’s a reason why most people avoid going there unless they really have to do so and only if they are packing.  Out here in the county nobody much reads the Salisbury Post.  At the county convenience stores “Slammer”, the dollar mugshot tabloid, outsells the Post by a huge margin.  In Salisbury I don’t see the fish wrapper much anymore on the lawns in the early morning.  What the Post prints is mostly frivolous save for calling honest elected officials like Kenny Hardin, Carl Ford, Craig Pierce, and Jim Sides “controversial” when they oppose fiscally unsound special interest agendas. These special interest agendas sent Salisbury straight to the bottom.

The city’s carcass was picked clean as Todd Paris, a Salisbury attorney, wrote recently.  The Fibrant Debacle turned the Salisbury’s city services and police department into skeletal staffs.  Now the Sheriff’s Office is forced to prop the Salisbury Police up.  Paula Bohland, DSI’s former director, and Robert Van Geons, of RowanWorks, both fled town.  The handwriting looks mighty large on the wall.

People are starting to ask the question: “When is the Local Government Commission going to take over Salisbury’s city government?”

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