City Councilman Kenny Hardin on Salisbury Post’s Recent Communications

Posted on February 4, 2017

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

♦ Reprinted with permission.

I understand the Editor of the Salisbury Post tweeted on their website that I’m upset about the article they’re planning to publish about the email exchange I recently posted with the City Manager. She could not be more off base.

As I’ve stated before I could care less about what the Salisbury Post writes. What I took exception to today was a statement made by the reporter, Josh Bergeron, when interviewing Carolyn Logan. I explained in an email to the Editor, the City Manager, the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the reporter, which I’ve shared below, I would not allow the reporter to call my my character or integrity into question. I added that if he slandered me in the article by saying I had a vendetta against the City PIO Linda McElroy, I would seek legal action. Otherwise he could write what he wants.

Mr. Bergeron called me immediately after the email was sent and apologized for his “poor choice of words.” He attempted to explain why he made the statement. I said to the reporter that I didn’t care what he wrote as long as he didn’t impugn my character with words that were innacurate. The reporter asked me why I was angry when the article was not even written yet. I asked him would he be angry if I called his Editor to seek information on whether or not he was a child molester?

He then asked me why I posted the “rant” about our interview call yesterday. I told him it was my page and I was free to post what I wanted.

All of this is nothing more than a desperate marketing effort by to sell newspapers. There is no controversy on my behalf and I care little what they write.

“Ms. Cook, reporter Josh Bergeron just interviewed Ms. Carolyn Logan and explained that he was trying to get information on my “vendetta against a City employee, Linda McElroy.”

I would like for Mr. Bergeron to explain why he would level a slanderous accusation against me and show me evidence that I have engaged in a pattern of abusive behavior where I have harassed or interfered with her role? I would like for him to explain how I purposely set out to cause her emotional harm and injury.

To state that I am directing a specific pattern towards the employee challenges my character and integrity and carelessly implies I am operating in some illegal manner. I shared my concern about her lack of professionalism and what I felt was a violation of the confidentiality of a private meeting with the City Manager early last year. I’ve also shared with the City Manager and Mayor complaints I’ve received from media and citizens who’ve shared with me concerns about her demeanor. Since that time, I have had no contact, communication or interactions with the employee nor have I spoken to the Mayor or City Manager about her attitude or job.

When I spoke to Mr. Bergeron yesterday, I explained to him my issue is not with the employee. Ms. Logan said the same thing to him as he continually pressed her with similar questions until she threatened to end the interview. Maybe he is engaging in what he baselessly accused me of. I explained to him yesterday that I have not leveled any attacks against her and my point to the emails was for Ms. Logan to be heard. I told him anything I constructively wrote in my email I could support.

I would caution the reporter and whomever is feeding him and encouraging him to engage in slanderous conversations to tread carefully. I am extremely displeased that he would make such an unfounded allegation to a citizen without providing proof. I will consult my attorney as how to proceed.

It’s far easier to focus on this distraction than the absence of a crime control plan and the poor relationship with the Black community.

Kenny Hardin

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