City Councilman Kenny Hardin Discusses an Interview with the Salisbury Post

Posted on February 2, 2017

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

♦ The following article is reprinted with permission.

I just hung up with Salisbury Post reporter Josh Bergeron. He called to ask my reason for publishing the post about my conversation with the City Manager regarding Carolyn Logan. It was a somewhat tense interview because I felt he was pushing an angle other than Ms. Logan’s concerns. At one point, after several repeated questions that had nothing to do with my intention, I told him firmly I didn’t care what he wrote, I would end the interview and he could print whatever he wanted.

I explained to the reporter my intention was to keep the public aware of interactions occurring in City Hall as I have done on many other occasions on both my Facebook pages. I shared with him the summary on the No Knock meeting I had last Monday with the Mayor and City Manager. Curiously, no one got upset about that?

I went into great detail about how I and many in the Black community are frustrated and have grown weary of the lack of concern about the continual crime and gun violence in our community. I gave him specific examples of why there is a lack of trust with the police, an absence of a relationship and why there is no willingness to cooperate.

Although I shared all that in great detail, all he wanted to focus on is why I called out and criticized the Public Information Officer. I told him she was a substandard employee and nothing I said was a personal attack and I could back up every constructive criticism I made. I told him that her presence in the requested meeting was pointless as she could not answer any of Ms. Logan’s questions or respond to her concerns.

I strongly advised him not to make his story about my discontent with her involvement. But I’m sure he will and honestly, I don’t give a damn if he does. I don’t plan on reading the article anyway. After I saw where his focus was, I told him I refuse to make this about her and not about the level of disrespect and lack of concern for Ms. Logan and the Black community.

He then asked several questions about if I thought it was Ok to publish the email conversation between the City Manager and I. He asked did I not think he should have an expectation to a right of privacy. I explained that the emails were a public record and that I routinely share correspondence I receive or summarize meetings I have. He next asked me if I was so tired of the poor relationship, what have I done to help improve it? I gave him a list that I’m sure won’t be shared. .

I was disappointed in the direction of the interview and the lack of one question about Ms. Logan. I called her an hour ago to see if she had been contacted and interviewed to share her perspective. She wasn’t.

The Mayor just called and we had a great hour long conversation. We talk frequently about various sensitive issues and I appreciate her willingness to engage me. I told her how much I appreciate our relationship. I was very frank and unapologetic about my post and told her how I feel about the seeming lack of concern from the City. I told her I would not explain or apologize for standing up and speaking out for the Black community. She remarked that she respects the fact that I have always been consistent in that way.

I explained to her as I said before I don’t expect the onus to be all on the City, but I do expect more overtures and less condemnation and criticism from the City.

So, I will not be reading whatever article he chooses to write. As I told the reporter, I will continue to tell my truth and it offends or hurts anyone, I don’t care because for too long, people in this City have just said whatever to go along and get along.

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