Salisbury: Justin Roberts Arrested Wednesday at Laurel Pointe Circle for Allegedly Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend and Subjecting Her to Involuntary Servitude

Posted on January 26, 2017

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According to Salisbury Police sources Justin Antonio Roberts, 31, living at 428 Laurel Pointe Circle, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly assaulting the mother of his 3 children, unlawfully restraining her, and interfering with a 911 dispatch.

Justin Antonio Roberts:

Wednesday at approximately 8 p.m. a neighbor called 911 reporting hearing screaming and someone pounding loudly on the walls of a nearby apartment. When officers arrived a short time later, they were greeted by Mr. Roberts who allegedly opened the door a crack, then shut it when he saw it was the police. The officers were not dissuaded by the initial chilly greeting and continued to knock until the door opened a crack. An officer barged inside where he found Mr. Roberts and the woman, who lived there, standing back from the door.

According to Salisbury Police sources Mr. Roberts was supremely upset that his ex-girlfriend was in a new relationship and was pregnant by her new beau. Allegedly Mr. Roberts drew the new boyfriend’s boxer shorts around her neck and loudly commanded her to smell them. The woman attempted to call 911, but Roberts allegedly snatched the phone and hung up. Right afterwards Roberts shoved the woman onto the bed and held her down, refusing to let her up. After a few minutes passed she tried to leave by the window, but Roberts hauled her back inside. From there she darted to a storage closet where she banged on the wall with a gardening tool and screamed for help. Soon officers arrived.

During an inspection of the apartment, officers found damaged blinds, a widow screen on the ground, and damage to the storage closet wall.

Roberts was handcuffed behind his back, patted down, and placed in the rear of a patrol car before being brought to Police HQ for processing. From there was brought to the magistrate’s office where he was given no bond due to the domestic nature of the case and placed in the Rowan County Detention Center for a cooling off period. He will make an initial court appearance February 27th. A short time later Mr. Roberts was released.

Mr. Roberts was charged with assault on a female by a male over 18 (misdemeanor), holding a person in involuntary servitude (misdemeanor), and interfering with emergency communication (misdemeanor).

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