Salisbury: Arsonist Torches a Car Port and Car Wednesday Evening on Lincolnton Road

Posted on January 12, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ According to the latest Salisbury Police crime report for 2016 (Snag) arsons more than tripled Salisbury’s arson record for the previous year as recorded on the FBI UCR crime Stats.  The Salisbury Police recorded 19 arsons in 2016 as opposed to 6 the previous year.  Is arson becoming fashionable as a weapon of retribution or in Salisbury or is being used to score insurance instead of trying to get unload of an unsalable home?

Salisbury Police sources report that 2001 Lincoln and car port were purposely set on fire prior to 8:30 p.m. Wednesday at 719 Lincolnton Road. The Salisbury Fire Department arrived on the scene and quickly took control of the fire. The Lincoln, the car port, and doors were badly damaged by the fire. Total estimated value of the damages were set at $5,000.

The police are calling the crimes arson motor vehicle, arson all other structures, and arson single residential. A burning tool was said to be used in the arson. The victim William Turner, 40, is said to have a domestic dispute with the arsonist. No charges will be filed.

719 Lincolnton Road, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location 719 Lincolnton Road, Salisbury, N.C.:

Citizens having any knowledge about this crime are urged to call the Salisbury Police at 704-638-5333. If you fear retribution, want to remain anonymous and possibly collect a reward of up to $1,000, information can be submitted 24/7 via the web: or by calling the Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

**This article will be updated as more information becomes available.**

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