Autopsy Report for Ferguson Laurent, Jr., Shot to Death During “No Knock” Raid, Says Laurent was Shot 10 Times

Posted on January 12, 2017

RFP Staff/Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

♦ This morning we received a copy of the full autopsy report for the late Ferguson Claude Laurent, Jr., shot to death by a Salisbury Policeman during the execution of a “No-Knock” warrant. The raid at 625 East Lafayette Street in Salisbury on November 3rd, 2016.

Chief Jerry Stokes said at a briefing that Laurent was alleged to fire once and Officer Karl Boehm, a member of the Special Response Team, fired twice. The medical examiner reports indicate that Mr. Laurent may have been shot 10 times.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner wrote the report. In its meticulous recording of the autopsy we learned that Mr. Laurent was struck by 10 bullets. He had no drugs or alcohol in his system. Laurent’s cause of death was listed as multiple gunshot wounds.

Gunshot wounds appeared on the head (1 wound), right upper arm (2 wounds), torso (5 wounds) right forearm (1 wound), and left wrist/forearm (1 wound). Torso gunshot wounds include right lung, diaphragm, and liver.

The RFP’s first article the execution of the “No Knock Warrant” in November 3rd: “Salisbury Police Serve a “No-Knock” Warrant this morning on the 600 Block of E. Lafayette Street. Officer Kills Man in Shoot-Out”

The Late Feguson Claude Laurent, Jr.:

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