The Rowan Free Press set a Single Day Readership Record on December 9th. 39,172 People Read Our Articles that Day!

Posted on January 4, 2017

RFP Staff

♦ We would like to thank our growing legion of readers (thousands per day) from Rowan County, Salisbury and across the State of North Carolina and the USA for visiting the Rowan Free Press daily.  According to our stats page just about every country on the planet has visited us and every state as well.  We found out this past week that we set a single day–24 hour readership record on December 9th when 39,172 folks visited the Rowan Free Press and read our articles. Thank you!  The stats below were screen shot from January 3rd.

Salisbury is a daily cornucopia of violent crime, unsolved murders, governmental corruption, “D” graded city public schools, a blighted vacancy strewn Downtown, a badly understaffed police department once commanded by police chief with a synthetic opioids habit (a 10 year habit) and the city’s police department suffers under a continuance of the leadership vacuum.  The city’s aging municipal broadband “The Fibrant Debacle” is bleeding out the city’s limited finances and has destroyed its police department and ability to provide city services.  Perhaps later in this fiscal year LGC will mercifully step in and provide Salisbury with responsible management? Living in many communities in Salisbury is the equivalent of urban homesteading in Detroit or Camden, N.J. These communities are forgotten about and passed over for rudimentary city services.

Our staff members are returning from vacations and being with family so expect a surge in articles in the coming days.

The 24 hour one-day record for RFP readership on the right hand side of the screen shot taken on January 3rd:


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