Letter-to-the-Editor: Unsolved Murder Death Toll Rises to 17 in Salisbury. 17 Murderers are Still at Large!

Posted on December 24, 2016

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C.

♦ Every night and even during the day gunshots can be heard in hard scrabble Salisbury.  People are swarming out of Salisbury now with their homes and properties still up for sale.  The unsolved murder death toll has risen to 17 with the senseless killing of Albert Brice Shelton, Jr. a homeless man.  At least he wasn’t dumped on the side of the road and covered with trash.  The city will probably bury him in the city run “Potters Field”. 

The odds are that yet another human being will be shot or stabbed to death before the ball drops in Time Square on New Years Eve.  There are 17 murderers at large in the city of Salisbury unless some left town. Many of us don’t buy that Sylvia Seebeck died an accidental death either.  We see her death as the result of a home invasion assault.  The Bury is the cover-up capital of North Carolina. You never know when your ticket will get punched in Salisbury. An innocent little 7 year-old girl was murdered in her sleep.


I see where Salisbury is rated at one of the top ten most dangerous places after dark on North Carolina. The Bury is a criminal pox on the face of the Old North State and it’s city government is not too far behind. Most of my friends still back in Salisbury believe the Bury should easily be at number one or two.


The RFP did a great expose of why new businesses die quickly in Downtown Salisbury. They get so many of these dreamy-eyed people who jumped headfirst into Downtown Salisbury and lost their life savings and sometime their homes because they put them up as collateral for their “start up” down there. There’s one overage scam they use on the newbie start-ups. A certain non-profit recommends their architectural and construction pals and they deliberately milk the newbie restaurant or retailer by constructing according to old codes. On the completion of the job, the code inspector comes out and tells the mark they have to redo the job according to existing codes. Instant overage. The architect or construction outfit scores more money and the project is held up sometimes months costing the newbie lost revenue and more dough out of their pockets.


In closing if you are forced to drive into Salisbury carry a firearm for your own protection. Better yet get a concealed carry permit and do the training. Stay alert and aware. Remember 17 killers are out there.

Happy Hanukkah!

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