Letter-to-the-Editor: Salisbury, N.C. Our Little Slice of Heaven

Posted on December 16, 2016

Chuck Hughes, Salisbury, N.C.

♦ Everyone knows that our little piece of heaven here in Salisbury is littered with violence and other criminal activity. Despite this insight, City Council seems unwilling to address our safety issues, yet it is willing to use its rhetoric to defend its failing fiber optic fiasco that devours thousands of city tax dollars daily.

While “Speaking Out” is an important start in solving any problem, it is essential that we seek a solution to the problem. In the case of our city crime, our righteous anger should be pointed at City Hall asking why they are not meeting their elective responsibility of ensuring the safety of its citizenry. Once we have their attention demand that Fibrant be put to sleep and the daily wasted dollars be used to upgrade our police force to the level needed to remove drugs and gang activity from our streets. There might even be enough money left for some other worthy project such as a city park on the West side of the city where our children can play without fear of being shot in a crossfire.

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