Salisbury: Savannah Maria Queen Arrested Friday for Allegedly Obstructing Justice in the Sharod Raheen Mathis Murder Case

Posted on December 12, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ According to Salisbury Police sources Savannah Maria Queen, 21, was arrested at her apartment in the Pine Hill Apartment complex at 410 W. 15th on Friday for allegedly obstructing justice in the homicide investigation of Sharod Raheen Mathis. Math died of gunshot wounds in the Firewater Lounge’s parking lot on December 4th.  According to Salisbury Police sources and a warrant Queen allegedly saw a firearm on the ground in the parking lot where the shooting happened and removed the handgun from the crime scene.  Law enforcement and legal authorities view the act of removing a handgun from a crime scene as an obstruction of justice.

Queen was charged with obstruction of justice–common law (felony).  Under a secured $25,000 bond, Queen is being held in the Rowan County Detention Center.  Her first hearing will be Tuesday December 13th.

410 W. 15th Street in Salisbury, N.C.:

Location 410 W. 15th Street in Salisbury, N.C.:

Savannah Maria Queen:

According to Salisbury Police sources the murder of Sharod Raheen Mathis is connected with the tragic homicide of 7 year-old A’Yanna Allen who died sleeping in her bed after gunshots struck the side of her home.

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