Salisbury: Rusty Propst and Katelyn Freeze Arrested for the Alleged October 14th $32,500 Heist on Confederate Avenue in the “Country Club”

Posted on November 29, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ According to Salisbury Police sources Rusty Dale Ray Propst, 24, and Katelyn Freeze,26, were arrested this morning in their home at 606 Franklin Street in Salisbury for the alleged October 14th $32,500 heist at 200 block Confederate Avenue in the “Country Club”. On that day a lengthy list of firearms, coins, jewels, and other valuables were carted out of the house. Probst and Freeze were said to know Dr. Crawford the homeowner. Salisbury Police investigators developed Probst and Freeze as suspects. When it came time to search the Franklin Street address the Salisbury police were joined by the N.C. Department of Public Safety, Probation, and Parole.

A number of the items allegedly stolen from the Confederate Avenue manse were recovered during the search.

Both Propst and Freeze were charged with breaking and entering a building (felony) and larceny (felony). Under a secured $2,500 bond, the pair were placed in in the Rowan County Detention Center.

Rusty Dale Ray Propst:


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Katelyn Elizabeth Freeze:

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RFP article on November 17: “A Major Heist in Salisbury’s “Country Club”. Burglar Carries Off Over $32,000 in Plunder from an Elderly Couple on Confederate Avenue”

“As law and order increasingly breaks down in Salisbury because of a hard drug epidemic needing to be fed through criminal means, a skeletal police force made so by a $10,000 day municipal broadband habit, mushrooming gang life, and a legion of revolving door burglars and breaking and entry artists, it is not puzzling that burglaries, unlawful entries, and break-ins are spreading throughout the city.  First it was the historic district and later the Crescent where burglaries and break-ins happened with increasing regularity.  In the natural order of progression the “Country Club” AKA “Plunder Isle” is starting to grow in popularity with the city’s highly mobile criminal element.  This is where the big money is–almost every house in “Plunder Isle” provides a lucrative take.  Jewelry, furs, firearms, bulging safes, paintings, and  high-end TVs and electronica.  The car parked down the street watches and waits.  Word is out–“Plunder Isle” is where it’s at.

According to Salisbury Police sources the Crawfords, an elderly well-to-do couple living on the 200 block of Confederate Avenue, were victims of a burglary–unlawful entry on Friday night.  The crime was reported to the Salisbury Police at 11:50 p.m. Someone quietly entered the house through an unlocked backdoor.  In less than 20 minutes the burglar carted off 10 revolvers, assorted jewelry (6 pieces), 3 rifles/shotguns, 2 knives, an opal pen, and 2 jewelry boxes. And quite a bit more. The total take: an estimated value of over $32,500.

200 Block of Confederate Avenue in the Country Club area of Salisbury, N.C.


Map of the 200 block of Confederate Avenue in Salisbury, N.C.

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