Letter-to-the-Editor: Should Rowan County Forcibly De-Annex Salisbury?

Posted on November 20, 2016

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove, N.C.

♦ Violent crime and property crime are spiraling out of control in Salisbury. Until they fix the crime there they can’t do any economic development or think about getting visitors.   The “Be an Original” video the county launched the other day sure  isn’t going to attract visitors.  The name Salisbury needs to be left out of rebranding materials because most people outside of Rowan see Salisbury as someplace extraordinarily dangerous like Lumberton.  People go missing in Salisbury, become unsolved murders or become miscellaneous bodies found due to overdoses.

Downtown Salisbury is a bunch of empties, no parking, and few people save for panhandlers looking for dope money.  Now with Black Friday a few days away, the purse grabs, street beatings, and armed robberies will go way up.  Before long they’ll find someone bled out in a parking lot.

With all its violence and crime you would’ve hoped Salisbury would’ve gotten a new Police Chief who came in with a plan or knew what he was doing.  Count the weeks before they  introduce  a new chief down at city hall.

Is Salisbury beyond fixing?  Should the rest of Rowan County forcibly de-annex Salisbury?  It’s making our county look bad to outsiders.

If you have to go to Salisbury, get a concealed carry and be alert to use it.  You never know when your number will come up in the Bury.

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