Salisbury Waffle House Victimization Zone Returns on East Innes. Firearms Banned on Waffle House Property

Posted on November 18, 2016

Todd Paris, Staff Writer and Salisbury Attorney

♦ Thursday night I was a guest on “Politics This Week” with Jeff Morris on the Ford Broadcasting Network. It airs Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on WRNA A.M. It’s a great show, this week with Republicans Carl Ford and myself fending off Democrats Pete Hoffman, Jeff Morris and Whitney Peckham.

After the show, I found myself late at night searching for something filling and cheap when the familiar Waffle House sign appeared on East Innes Street.

Remembering that the evil “no weapons” on property sign got removed a few months ago, I pulled into the lot with a type 2 diabetes friendly omelet on my mind while wondering if I could pass on the ketchup and hash browns on the side.

A new sign is up reading “No firearms allowed on property.” Since I was carrying my Glock under the auspices of my NC Carry Concealed permit, I once again was torn. The sign only prohibited firearms, however I had neglected to bring a chainsaw, bazooka machete or other non-banned weapon and since the sign also banned me leaving my pistol in the car, as it was on the property, I had a conundrum.

Having a tasty omelet at night while sitting disarmed in a brightly lit glass box with no cover or concealment in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town sent my “Spider-senses” tingling.

The omelet at IHOP on Faith Road was even more the tasty, knowing that I had a reduced likelihood of being killed in the parking lot upon ingress and egress due to my little friend perched in my right hip pocket. IHOP also offers much more in the way of cover and concealment in case of invasion by armed robbers and multiple emergency exits. Yeah, in a weak moment I had the hash browns too.

Avoid the “glass shooting gallery”!  Hop on down to IHOP.

Remember when the window got shot out and sprayed glass everywhere in Waffle House?

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