Veterans: Free Humana Supplemental Health Insurance Plan

Posted on November 15, 2016

Rodney Cress, Veteran Advocate

♦ To be eligible for this plan you must:

(1) Have Medicare Part A and B, and (2) Be seen through the VA healthcare system and getting your prescriptions filled through the VA. (This Humana plan does not cover prescription medications, that is why you have to get your medications filled through the VA.)

For those of you that only use the VA for your healthcare, as long as you have Medicare Part A & B, having this free supplemental plan would help cover your costs should you need to be seen and treated through the local emergency room (you would only have a $75.00 emergency room copay). As many of you know, if you don’t meet all of the criteria or follow the proper procedures, getting VA to pay local emergency room bills can be a very difficult and lengthy process (if they even pay at all).
The open enrollment period to apply for this free coverage ends Wednesday, December 7th.

Call toll free at (866)435-4458

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