Salisbury Police Serve a “No-Knock Warrant” This Morning on the 625 E. Lafayette Street. Officers Kill Man in Shoot Out

Posted on November 3, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Sources in the Salisbury Police Department report that Salisbury Police Officers served a “No-Knock Warrant” for narcotics, weapons, and stolen property at 9:25 a.m. at 625 E. Lafayette Street.  2 officers exchanged gunfire with a man, critically wounding him inside a white trailer home.  He died later at Novant Rowan Regional Medical Center.  The deceased person was identified by his sister Mya Miller from the Virgin Islands and later by the Salisbury Police as Ferguson Laurent, Jr., 22, of 625 E. Lafayette Street.  Two other individuals, who were in Laurent’s home at the time of the shooting, were taken into custody.

Laurent’s home was allegedly targeted due to a three month narcotics investigation.  A superior court judge allegedly issued the “no-knock” warrant which the city claims is only issued in a dangerous and volatile situation.

The Late Ferguson Laurent, Jr.:

The officer who allegedly shot and killed Laurent was identified as Karl H. Boehm a veteran of Salisbury Police since 2008. In 2010 he was involved in another shooting incident, but an investigation by the SBI ruled the shooting justified. Officer Boehm is currently on paid, administrative leave pending the SBI’s investigation and the Salisbury Police Department concludes its internal investigation.

Karl H. Boehm:

625 E. Lafayette Street, Salisbury, N.C.:

Location Map of 625 E. Lafayette Street in Salisbury, N.C.:

Members of the Salisbury Police Department Special Response Team served the warrant at the suspects home.  He allegedly was known to be armed.

The Salisbury Police were joined by Salisbury Fire Department medics.  They gave immediate medical attention to the critically wounded man.

Sheriff’s Office vehicles were on the scene.  The State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.  The FBI is said to be here as well. A helicopter circled the area in the early morning hours.

No officers were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. Laurent was said to shoot only once.

The crime scene was swarming with Police and Sherriff’s Office vehicles.  The FBI was said to be on the scene.

Civilians are urged to stay away from the area. The roadblocks were later moved many blocks back in all directions from the crime scene said to be a white trailer home at 625 E. Lafayette.

Several non permitted protests have sprung up in the area. It’s alleged that people may be coming to Salisbury from Charlotte and Greensboro. The hospital was on lockdown earlier. Potentiality for violence rose in the late afternoon as several individuals are allegedly stoking up the protests.

“No knock warrants” are no longer employed in many other states because of their dangerous nature.


**Being updated as more information arrives.**

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