SALISBURY ALERT: Vehicle Break-ins and Car Thefts are Off the Charts. How to Defeat Car Break-in Artists and Car Thieves

Posted on October 24, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Sources in the Salisbury Police Department report an uptick in vehicle break-ins and car thefts throughout the city of Salisbury.   Large parking lots such as the lot behind the Downtown Wells Fargo, the parking lots by Tinseltown, Walmart, the West End Plaza, and by any large supermarket are especially hard hit.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle from Break-in Artists and Car Thieves:

• Never ever leave anything of even limited value inside your vehicle.  Knapsacks, GPS devices, computer bags, purses, wallets, cell phone cords, boxes, plastic bags, coin socks, change, a weapon or anything that would attract some impulsive soul to do a smash n’ grab or to jimmy a door lock.  Leave nothing in sight in your vehicle to attract petty thieves or you will be cleaning glass off your car seats. Guaranteed.

• Always lock your doors even though that offers limited protection against someone armed with a 5 pound rock or jailhouse “locksmith” savvy.  Your garden variety break-in artist is seldom dissuaded by locks or even facing a bunk at the “big house”.  Check your locks to see if they are clicked shut.

• Having a SCREAMING car alarm installed in your car will have some effect, but usually after your windows are cobwebbed and blasted through.  A really experienced vehicle desperado can tolerate horn blasts and sirens at least as long as it takes to quickly score stuff and beat it before the po po arrive.

• If you see someone checking out cars in your hood or in your driveway, call 911.  A good hearty “Yo!” from the front door or rapping keys on your window will often send our unwanted visitors scurrying.  The ominous pump of a shotgun has even more effect.

• Keep your windows closed, accepting the fact that break-in artists often employ “rocking” to break windows and scoot off with some booty.  Every barrier you can put in place is one more element to make your vehicle uninteresting to thieves.

• Don’t park in an area that has excess amounts of vehicle break-in artists.

• If you have to put anything in your vehicle, only put it in your secured trunk.  Sometimes you’ll have to do this when you are out shopping.

• Know that thieves case shopping centers, downtown shopping areas, and supermarket parking lots.  Keep your vehicles away from those much hit areas at night.

• Deck your vehicle’s windows out with alarm decals–make your vehicle appear scary.

• Never leave an engine running and always park in a well lit public area.

• Stay away from parking near garage or parking lot exits.

• Never leave a spare key near your vehicle or a garage door opener in your car.

• When possible park in a monitored lot.

• Employ a car GPS tracking system to help locate your vehicle should it be stolen.

• The new car immobilizer devices are well worth the investment especially if you live in Salisbury.

Best of luck!

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