Letter-to-the-Editor: One of Our So Called Black Leaders was Upset with Me that I Spoke Out about the Recent Violence

Posted on October 18, 2016

Kenny Hardin, Salisbury City Councilman

♦ I understand one of our so called Black leaders was upset with me that I spoke out about recent violence. The feeling was that there are some Black problems that should be handled behind closed doors. Accepting this misguided logic only serves as an obstacle and impediment to cultural progress.

I care very little about the criticism because until I bump into those critics regularly out when things are happening or they’re sitting next to me at strategy meetings to address these issues, you’re irrelevant.

I don’t subscribe to blind allegiance, but more importantly, it’s ridiculous to want progress but then pick and choose what issues you will get behind to fight for it.

We don’t need self-proclaimed Black Leaders who are doing nothing. We need many people in the Black community who will step up and lead.

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