Two Trees Fell on Rep. Carl and Angela Ford’s Home in China Grove Saturday // Matthew’s Rains Downed Trees and Power Lines in Rowan

Posted on October 9, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Two large trees fell on Rep. Carl and Angela Ford’s China Grove Home on Saturday as the result of the rain-soaked ground.  Mercifully no one was injured and the roof sustained minimal damage in the form of leaks.  Carl, with assistance of Taylor Ford and Eddie Ford, quickly got up on the roof and covered it with tarps to keep out the rain.  The trees were cut up by the fast moving trio.

Rep. Carl Ford gives his best to all of Rowan County!

“Two huge trees on the house. Could be more damage than we thought. Several leaks. Carl Ford, Taylor Ford & Eddie Ford on roof trying to cut limbs and cover roof with tarps. What a mess but God was watching over us!” reported Angela Ford wife of Rep. Carl Ford on Facebook.



♦ Saturday witnessed the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew pass through Rowan County, dumping approximately 4.5 inches of rain in many parts of Rowan County and leaving behind it downed trees, vehicular accidents, downed power lines, power outages, and damaged homes caused by fallen trees and limbs.

• Salisbury’s October Tour saw a limited turnout due to the rain and activity cancellations. Perhaps Sunday will prove a better day as skies are forecast as sunny.

• Some 50 calls for downed trees were reported in the county.  A few taking power lines down with them causing several hundred outages mostly around Faith, Spencer, and East Spencer according to Duke Energy.   Likely many downed trees went unreported because they occurred on vacant properties.  More trees may fall Sunday because of the water-logged ground.

• A few minor accidents occurred due to hydroplaning and poor visibility.  No serious injuries were reported.  A tractor trailer flipped on its side at exit 79.



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