Magic Mart, at 725 Jake Alexander S. in Salisbury, to Close in Early December

Posted on September 24, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ Yesterday we learned from shoppers and an employee at the Magic Mart store at 725 Jake Alexander Boulevard S. in Salisbury that the store was expected to close at an unspecified date in early December.

The closing came as no surprise because Magic Mart appeared to be suffering from diminishing traffic over the past few years due to area competition.  The parent company Ammar’s Inc. closed a number of stores in other states.  Neighboring Ryan’s buffet on Jake Alexander Boulevard South closed only a few weeks back.

The Salisbury Magic Mart, which occupied the former building of the city’s first Walmart, in recent years become the focus of local consumer complaints about alleged advertising where customers saw circulars offering bargain products not found in the store.  Like other retailers in Salisbury, pilferage was a challenge.

Magic Mart’s history from their website:

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