Photo Gallery: Lara Trump WOWS Rowan Republicans Wednesday Evening at the Morgan Ridge Rail Walk Brewery and Eatery in Salisbury

Posted on September 15, 2016

RFP Staff

It was a packed house in the Morgan Ridge Rail Walk Brewery and Eatery Wednesday evening when the “Trump Train” pulled into Salisbury’s arts district and stopped in front of the newly opened craft brewery and eatery with the nearest thing to a “star” the city ever welcomes nowadays.  Okay it wasn’t the DONALD, it was the farthest reaches of his near DNA: his daughter-in-law Lara Trump who came to speak before a gathering of Rowan County Republicans.  The crowd genuinely enjoyed her presence.  We thank all those folks who submitted photos.

Photo Gallery of last evening’s Rowan County Republican Lara Trump event at the Morgan Ridge Rail Walk Brewery and Eatery:

Lara Trump speaks before a packed house:

The Trump Train pulls into the station at Morgan Ridge Rail Walk Brewery and Eatery in Salisbury’s Art’s District

The packed house early in the evening:

Stephen Kidd M.C. introduces Lara Trump:

Lara Trump and entourage disembark from the “Trump Train”:

Rep. Harry Warren speaks at last evening’s gathering:

Lara Trump enjoying the company of Stephen Elliot Arthur and Republican friends:

Cub reporter from City Hall’s newsletter trys not to annoy guests:

Photos of the last nights Republican gathering:

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