Update: Photo Gallery: An Abbreviated Tour of Vacant and Abandoned Houses in Salisbury N.C.’s North Main Area

Posted on September 13, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ A week ago Salisbury City Councilman David Post sent a shockwave through the city when he announced that almost 2,000 vacant and abandoned houses existed in Salisbury.  The councilman let us know that these 2,000 vacant and abandoned houses in a city of roughly 14,000 houses accounted for nearly 15% of all the houses in Salisbury.  These empty and dilapidated houses besides being an eyesore are an invitation to crime, drugs, vandals, and arson. Many neighbors want them demolished.

An abbreviated tour of vacant and abandoned houses in Salisbury, N.C.’s North Main area:


Update from a North Main resident:

Rowan Free Press,

Please be aware that of the two houses you showed pictures of on N. Main, one has been demolished and the other appears to have someone repairing it after 10 years of vacancy with fire damaged roof open to the weather. They may not be the best examples.

Better examples are 816, 926, 932 and 1000 N. Main St.

926 has been vacant for more than 8 years (but multiple owners have kept up the exterior).

932 N. Main St is owned by an out of state landlord and has been vacant for more than 2 years. The last renter was removed due to being a registered sex offender living within 1000 feet of Henderson Independent School. The property is falling into ruin.

1000 N. Main was recently rendered uninhabitable due to an electrical fire. Long term residents consider this a blessing as this was a known drug/gang house.

816 is owned by a woman who has been moved to assisted living and her adult children reside out of state. As much as the family may love their childhood home they do not maintain it and will not consider selling or gifting it to the local Historical Foundation.

Including the houses you displayed there are 6 properties within 1 1/2 blocks of each other that are a blight on the neighborhood. One has been demolished and 2 more are slated for Demo. So much for a charming historic neighborhood. 900 block only has 4 occupied homes out of 8 properties.

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