Salisbury: Man Arrested Tuesday A.M. for Alleged Vandalism on E. Lafayette // Vandalism on Barbour Street Leads to Stolen Property Arrest

Posted on September 7, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ The summer of 2016 was without respite from vandalism throughout the city of Salisbury, N.C.  Taking a back seat to shootings, unsolved murders, armed robberies, strong arm jobs, home invasions, burglaries, street beatings, and car break-ins, vandalism left a wake of broken windows, torched cars, gang tags, paint splattered walls, graffiti, and broken car window glass costly to businesses and residents alike.

Salisbury Police sources reported that Eddie Charles Gladden, 58, of 511 Bringle Ferry Road in Salisbury, was arrested Tuesday at 12:58 a.m for allegedly smashing a window with a “blunt object” (club, hammer etc.) at 508 Lafayette Circle.  The window was valued at $200.

The 500 block of Lafayette Circle in Salisbury:

Gladden was charged with vandalism to real property-willful and wanton injury (misdemeanor). Under a secured $500 bond, Gladden is being held in the Rowan County Detention Center. His next court date is on October 26th.

Eddie Charles Gladden:

Eddie Charles Gladden’s Previous Record:


♦ According to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office sources Mary Ann Sumner, 51, of 313 Barbour Street, called 911 early Tuesday morning to report her window was vandalized by a air or gas powered projectile from a undetermined firearm.  While the deputies surveyed the damaged window, valued at $150, they noted what was allegedly stolen property.  A warrant was issued and soon Sumner was arrested.

Sumner was charged with obtaining property under false pretenses (felony). Under a secured $1,000 bond, Sumner was briefly held in the Rowan County Detention until she was released on bond.

Mary Ann Sumner’s Previous Record:

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