2 Letters-to-the-Editor: “No Respect” and “EpiPen Alternatives from “Consumer Reports” and “Money”

Posted on August 29, 2016

Rick Johnson, Retired USAF, Rowan County, N.C.

♦ I had the pleasure of visiting the Intimidators baseball team in Kannapolis. I am writing from the stands.

Green field, blue skies, my grandson and chili dogs; this could add up to a perfect Carolina evening.

Before the game started both teams lined the field for the national anthem. From my seat, facing the flag, I was shocked to see some of the Intimidators whispering and screwing off. This was a pathetic example of disrespect.

I want to call out number 29 and number 6. They were the worst offenders.

I gave 20 years to protect the freedoms these young men enjoy. The least they could do is give 3 minutes before each game.


Florence Davis, Kannapolis, N.C.

♦ With all the nation-wide hubbub about EpiPen price gouging, Rowan Free Press Readers might want to know about EpiPen alternatives. One, an automated epinephrine injector, has a “copay”, and the other is less than $20 (syringe and epinephrine kit). If you want the injector, you have to request your physician to write the prescription a specific way. That is explained in the articles below.



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