Letter-to-the-Editor: While Salisbury is in Its Final Sickening Death Rattle, Concord and Mooresville are Booming

Posted on August 16, 2016

Rabbi Will McCubbins, China Grove

♦  With much sadness and regret Salisbury is in its final sickening death rattle while its neighbors Concord and Mooresville are booming.  Even Kannapolis passed Salisbury by.  I work in Concord many days a weeks and they have achieved true historic character and charm that slipped away from Salisbury sometime in the 80’s.  The leaders who run Concord and Mooresville know what they are doing and don’t loot the place or hand out favors to their cronies.

I know most of our friends living in the Bury left or plan to exit as soon as they can sell their homes.  Let me commend Concord and Mooresville.  Concord has miniscule crime compared to Salisbury, plenty of good-paying jobs, no municipal broadband stunting its growth or destroying their city services, the best shopping in the region (Concord Mills), a beautiful downtown that blows Salisbury’s away.  Drive to Concord and check it out.  If you go out to eat there you won’t have your car or SUV broken into or worse like in Salisbury.

Downtown Concord:


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