Councilman David Post’s Incorrect Assertion about TWC’s Speed and Prices in Salisbury and Wilson

Posted on August 14, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ We’ve mentioned previously that Salisbury’s city council seems oblivious about what their immense competition (Spectrum, AT&T U-Verse, AT&T Gigaverse, DirecTV, and DISH) are actually doing. In this morning’s print media Councilman David Post makes a misleading assertion about TWC’s price and speed in Salisbury and Wilson. TWC prices TWC-Maxx residential the same in Salisbury and Wilson as it offers every other municipality in the Charlotte region, Raleigh Region and in all of their regions across North Carolina. TWC Maxx speeds are the same in all NC regions. TWC has not raised their speeds and lowered their prices to defeat Fibrant and Greenlight. TWC rolls out their products and prices in a modular fashion throughout the NC.

David Post wrote in Sunday’s Post: “Municipal broadband has kept its promise. It has delivered better Internet to more people, and it has caused its competitors to lower their prices. Time Warner’s prices are lower and Internet speeds are higher in both Salisbury and Wilson than anywhere else in the state.”

We see Fibrant as another Municipal Broadband fiasco hemorrhaging multi-millions of dollars annually for years and bringing immense harm to Salisbury through its massive effects on the city’s understaffed police and fire departments and shrunken city services. The results are the city is under siege from violent and property crime. Salisbury, besides having badly performing schools, suffers from a lack of safety, a lack of good paying jobs, and 27.2% of its population is under the yoke of poverty. Working class People of all races are moving away as fast as they can unload their homes. Fibrant has not drawn business here. It is time for public spirited residents still paying for Fibrant subscriptions and being backdoored through water and sewer funds, taxes, and fees, to drop out and sign on with incumbent providers. It would send a message to City Hall the experiment is over after 6 years of failure and fibbing and its time to begin the decade long climb out of being a 5th rate municipality with a dead end future.

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