The Cord Cutters News an Outstanding Source of News on Cord Cutting (Ending Your Cable TV or Satellite TV Subscription)

Posted on August 13, 2016

Steve Mensing, Editor

♦ I wanted to let all the RFP readers know about an outstanding source of news on cord cutting (ending your cable TV or satellite TV subscription for large savings and moving to IPTV devices and antennas).  For years I used cable TV and renegotiated the price when it got too out of hand or I’d used a “bump strategy” and change TV providers for a lower rate and return when I could get a deal again.  Now I’ve completely cut the cord and use an indoor antenna (a Mohu Leaf omnidirectional antenna and a cheapo RCA rabbit ears in another room), the new quadcore ROKU stick for my TVs, and Sony VUE available on most IPTV devices like ROKU, Apple TV, Play Station and others to substitute for pay TV.

Here is an outstanding resource for cord cutting: Cord Cutter News:

Sony VUE which offers the most TV stations, can be watched on 5 internet enabled devices, and is priced competitively:

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