Salisbury: William Cornell Arrested Wednesday for Allegedly a Smash N’ Grab at Pop Shoppe and Stealing Pork Chops from Food Lion

Posted on August 12, 2016

RFP Staff

♦ William Herbert Cornell, 42, of the streets of Salisbury, was arrested Wednesday by the Salisbury Police for an alleged smash n’ grab breaking and entering at the Pop Shoppe at 1831 East Innes on August the 6th and for allegedly shoplifting 3 packages of pork chops from the Food Lion on 251 Faith Road on August 10th.

William Herbert Cornell:

Cornell was charged with resist/delay/obstruct a public officer (misdemeanor), breaking and entering–building (felony), larceny (misdemeanor), and felony larceny–committed pursuant to violation of GS 14-51, 54. Under a secured $18,000 bond, Cornell was placed in the Rowan County Detention Center. His first court hearing is on Friday.

The Food Lion at 251 Faith Road in Salisbury where a female shopper allegedly saw Cornell purloin 3 packages of pork chops:

The Pop Shoppe at 1831 East Innes where Cornell allegedly hurled a cement block through glass door to gain entrance and allegedly help himself to $400 worth of lottery tickets and 50 packs of Newport Cigarettes:

pop shoppe East Innes

On Wednesday a couple allegedly witnessed Cornell shoplifting 3 packages of pork chops from the Food Lion on Faith Road and saw Cornell out in the parking lot reaching though a car window and rummaging around with his free hand. The couple called police and when they arrived they gave a description of Cornell. A short time later the Police found Cornell behind a building on 1570 E. Innes and when he was being questioned, he attempted to flee, but was soon captured and handcuffed.

After Cornell’s capture he underwent a search where an alert officer who noted a large cross tattoo on Cornell’s leg matching a tat seen on a security cam photo taken at the Pop Shoppe on East Innes. Cornell allegedly did a smash n’ grab burglary, breaking a glass in the convenience store front door to gain entry and grab $400 in lottery tickets and 50 packs of Newport cigarettes.

William Herbert Cornell’s Previous Record:

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